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My name is Pearl Hyacinth. I am an avatar and was born into the world of Second Life on 16/8/16 or 8/16/16 depending on where you are in the world. I describe myself as 80 percent human, 20 percent cyborg-unicorn. Lately though, I have also been wearing skeletal bat wings and that feels really right. (Tomorrow, IRL - I will be visiting 8 orphaned flying fox puppies.) My cyborg element is expressed through a digitally enhanced left eye and exposed wiring just above my left knee. I also have a horn in the middle of my forehead where my user has had one for most of her life. (Though recently it was removed by a kindly doctor who shortly afterward, retired to live on a ranch with horses.)

This is my second post. I will not always choose days with numerical significance but it is kind of an OCD thing. Some numbers just feel cleaner than others. I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I have spent a lot of time in SL in the last few years but I have also manifested in other worlds. Not entirely complete - parts of me are usually missing as I have to conform to whatever avatar standards exist in each world. The most consistent elements which define me are: a dark blonde ponytail, a black skirt and coat, my namesake pearl bracelet (on the left wrist) and my horn. As unicorns are popular, I can sometimes find the horn but I will have to make a bracelet in Blender that I can carry through.

There was a real life incident with the bracelet. One which confirmed its significance. I (my user) met a real life mycologist at a radical mycologist conference on a farm in Oregon. He was tall and British and dressed like Doctor Who. We watched a talent show on a stage in the woods one night while he and my friend Jessyca (sitting on either side of me) passed a flask of whiskey between them. On the stage, delightful young scientist types made up mycology themed lyrics to replace the lyrics of known songs - recited poetry - played on banjos. Then, we spoke by a burning fire until the middle of the night. He sang me an Irish song and told me stories of his jungle adventures. I regret not staying up all night to listen to them. This mycologist wore a pearl bracelet on his left wrist. So, I recognized that the spirit of my avatar was somehow with him. This coincidence as well as the man himself amazed me as few things do anymore. He has written a book called "Entangled Life" which hasn't come out yet but I will read it as soon as it does and will, no doubt, be utterly amazed all over again.

I have started this blog, to write about my wanderings in virtual worlds. I should start making notes for my own records and might as well share. In Second Life, I have a home. It is in the Noyo Hills. This was another odd coincidence because I spent a few months in the real life Noyo Hills over this past summer. I randomly got a cat sitting job there. I took a train and a couple of buses and found myself in a magical town by the sea, on the edge of a redwood forest. I immediately met some more amazing people; A woman who ran a tiny museum dedicated to the work of an obscure and eccentric physicist/artist; another woman who ran the adjoining shop full of beautiful treasures, shells and antiques; and a visiting film maker from Berlin who shot super 8 films and developed them in natural ingredients like tree bark and salt water and coffee... and there was more; films projected in a backyard by traveling curators from LA; riding on a rail bike through the forest (a bike that attached to the train tracks....) I have a bike that rides on the rails in SL too.

The thing about both Noyo Hills - the real and virtual ones is that they are both beautiful. That part of the California coast is stunning. The other thing is that the one in Second Life exists right in the very center of the grid (the SL universe). I found it by chance when I was flying around and fell in love with a spot that was for sale there - for way too much money. I laid awake in my bed (I was still in Austria at the time) and I debated whether to spend this silly amount of money on a piece of land that didn't exist just because it spoke to me... because from that hill, you could see the giant hand print in the ocean floor. I decided I would do it - and woke up at dawn. I went downstairs and logged in but the land had been abandoned. It was no longer for sale. This is something people do when they just give up on selling. But it meant that it was suddenly unavailable to me. I missed my chance. This is the thing that spurred my search for the perfect land and my idea to make "travel between galleries" (that's another story - I'll tell it later).

The funny thing is how I ended up by chance at that real house in the real Noyo Beach area - it is in the Bay Area where Linden Labs are. .. and where I was born IRL (in real life). I live in the Noyo Hills now. After buying little places all over the two old continents and learning all about the different regions, I ended up getting a spot just where I wanted in the first place - not on the very hill, but even better - across the river. So, now it is my view. IRL, I am in a tiny, tiny house in the back of a couple's home in the Darlinghurst neighborhood of Sydney, Australia. I also have a tiny courtyard full of giant plants and I go in and out through a yellow door in the alley. People who work in the restaurant across the alley crawl out of the kitchen window to sit and smoke. There is usually garbage around and there was a rat skeleton on the curb for the first 6 weeks but it is gone now.


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